Mr Major’s Written Parliamentary Answer on Northern Region (GDP) – 18 July 1989

Below is the text of Mr Major’s written Parliamentary Answer on Northern Region (GDP) on 18th July 1989.

Mr. Steinberg To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what is the gross domestic product per head for the northern region of the United Kingdom; and in which EEC regions the gross domestic product per head is lower than this figure.

Mr. Major Gross domestic product per head at factor cost in the north is provisionally estimated to have been £5,389 in 1987. International comparisons of regional GDP per head by the statistical office of the European Communities are published on page 156 of “Regional Trends 24”; 1989 Edition. This shows the following regions to have had lower GDP per head than the north in 1986 (in descending order):

Region | Country

Wales United Kingdom

Noreste Spain

Oost-Nederland Netherlands

Region wallonne/Waals gewest Belgium

Abruzzi-Molise Italy

Madrid Spain

Northern Ireland United Kingdom

Este Spain

Sardegna Italy

Campania Italy

Sicilia Italy

Sud Italy

Noroeste Spain

Canarias Spain

Ireland Ireland

Centro Spain

Kentriki Ellada Greece

Sur Spain

Voreia Ellada Greece

Portugal Portugal

Anatolika Kai notia nisia Greece